Qualities of a Dedicated Fuel Station Employee

Qualities of a Dedicated Fuel Station Employee

With the US unemployment rate touching an all time low of 3.2%, employees are hard to find these days and good employees tend to hide like needles in a haystack. As one of the leading wholesale petroleum distributors in Georgia and beyond, we understand your pain points.

We have listed below a few attributes you should look for when you interview additions to your workforce:

Factors to Consider when Hiring Employees

  1. Check that the employee is familiar with prevailing safety norms with regard to fuel stations.
  2. The prospective employee should be well versed with local, state and federal compliance regulations.
  3. While some training can be provided, the prospective employee should know how to conduct inventory control and inventory management using the online application solution deployed by your fuel station.
  4. Familiarity with inventory control, vendoring and purchasing should include not only fuel but also ancillary product lines you sell such as lubricants, accessories, food and tobacco.
  5. Your prospective employee should know how to use email because that is how the major oil companies, vendors and government agencies will communicate with you.
  6. If your gasoline station has its own dedicated website and a clearly defined social media presence, you might want to check the employee’s expertise in this area if you plan to include digital marketing in the job description.

Final Recommendations

It is best that you interview prospective employees who possess some core experience in bulk fuel supply business. After all, who has the time these days to train from ground zero? Your experienced employee, once hired, can train future employees who may not possess the requisite work experience. Additionally, please preserve a paper trail of your hiring process because there may be several labor laws in your state to which you might have to comply.

If you have a unique hiring experience to share or if you have additional hiring tips that are specific to the fuel industry, why not mention them in the comment section below?