A Recipe for Success – Launching a Gasoline Station

A Recipe for Success – Launching a Gasoline Station

Gasoline stations, like elementary, grade and high schools, have been an intrinsic part of the American consciousness ever since the first car to ply Yankee streets, a steam-driven car, invented in 1871 by Dr. J.W. Carhart, a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church located in Racine Wisconsin, emerged on the American horizon. Our love affair with the American automobile is not a recent happenstance.

Unless you are misguided to make illogical errors and foibles, you cannot go wrong with a fuel station investment. Consider the following and always act judiciously with full and unqualified attention to customer service. Never forget that the gasoline station business is a repeat customer business. If you keep your customers happy, you will laugh all your way to the bank in no time:

Get stable funding

Apply for a business loan and get the funding your fuel station project deserves. You should also arrange for timely repayments so as to appear a reliable borrower and augment your credit line. The SBA and some funding agencies in your state can cut you a good deal with regard to the terms of the loan. Call your state government’s information helpline and ask the operator to direct you to the right office. These agencies are often hidden under layers of bureaucracy.

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Equip your fuel station to succeed

Locate reliable vendors and complete other legal formalities. Insure your gasoline station with a high-rated insurance company and get the permissions and licenses required. You should also take measures to secure your premises. Install a burglar alarm and set up a surveillance mechanism.

Next comes the marketing part. Use the power of signage to grab eyeballs. Remember, customers just drive to the gasoline station they notice at a glance. Be noticed with attractive signage strategically positioned and take fuel station venture to the next level. As an industry leader, we have provided numerous bulk fuel distribution and retail opportunities to gasoline station startups over the years. Do get in touch with us.

If you are presently a fuel station owner or are planning to launch your very own fuel station, please share your tips with us in the comment section below.

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