Unusual Insurance Programs for Fuel Station Owners

Unusual Insurance Programs for Fuel Station Owners

There is nothing unusual about the retail fuel industry. It is highly profitable, generates significant employment opportunities for the community, and is here to stay. However, that cannot be said about insurance policies that cover gasoline stations. While it may not be feasible to sign up for all the policies listed below, especially if they are not available in your state, it is certainly a great idea to know about them and stay aware. As one of the largest bulk fuel suppliers in Georgia we have witnessed many mishaps that can best be described as sporadic. That said, they do happen and an insurance cover is your best weapon, fully geared to provide you with iron clad protection. Assess the various risk factors that are either directly or indirectly associated with your fuel station before you take a call.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

This form of general insurance is not so unusual. It comes in handy when a claim exceeds a certain insurance threshold.

Employee Dishonesty Insurance

Yes. There is actually such a beast out there! It comes to your assistance when your team happens to steal your valuables, data or goods.

Pollution Liability Policy

Fuel continues to remain the subject of intense environmental debate. It may even be hazardous for your workforce and customers if a fuel spill unfortunately leads to an explosion or any other accident. This type of coverage takes care of the expenses involved during such unforeseen mishaps.

Insure your business, let it thrive and become a safe treasure-chest that fires up both your business and life. As they say, prevention, especially in the insurance coverage space, is always better than cure. If you have come across any other unusual forms of insurance policies that cover fuel stations, please share it with us in the comment box.

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