Bulk Fuel – What When and Where?

Bulk Fuel – What When and Where?

You may be contemplating the possibility of entering into the gasoline business by investing into a fuel station. There just might be a gas station close to where you live with a For Sale sign in the window and perhaps you are interested in purchasing it. As one of the leading bulk fuel suppliers, in the US, we will help you all the way from project inception to project planning to project success.

But first:

You really need to understand what bulk fuel is because it will be your mainstay at your gas station from day one. Yes there will be other products and services you will offer especially if you invest in a fuel station with a convenience store attached. That said, bulk fuel will always remain the leader of the pack.

Defining Bulk Fuel

Bulk fuel is petroleum or any other fuel delivered and stored in any form in a quantity above 500,000 liters annually. It is generally stored in a set of storage tanks or in a building constructed exclusively for this purpose. It can even be stored underground until delivered to consumers for consumption. Most if not all gasoline stations across the US follow this standard practice.

Not just Petrol

Other products in the petroleum category used as fuel for different applications can also be stored in a similar fashion. They can include aviation fuel, diesel, petrol and oil either in the form of liquid or gas. Bulk fuel is essentially fuel stored in huge quantities and there are strict rules and federal regulations which you will need to follow to the letter . We will tell you about them in detail in another blog post. For starters, however, here is a quick low down:

Your Friendly EPA

When it comes to storage requirements, the US Environment Protection Agency is your most authentic source of information, your leader  and guru. You can contact them 24X7 to resolve your queries in this regard.

Please tell us about your dream fuel station investment project in the making if you have one in the comment section below and premier petroleum will surely help you jump all the hoops one gentle and cautious swing at a time.