MECO is a full line petroleum and industrial equipment supplier headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. We are a family-owned and operated company with more than 60 years of experience serving clients throughout Georgia.


MECO is a comprehensive equipment and system supplier, providing liquid handling equipment to industries that store, pump, mix and meter liquids. Our staff design your system and work with our construction division to ensure all facets of the project run smoothly. We carry the most reliable brands of fueling dispensers, POS systems, tank monitoring systems, and all other parts and accessories necessary for a fueling station. Whether you need a partner for a full installation or a single product order, we pride ourselves on providing innovative, turnkey solutions.


In addition to providing new equipment and systems, we also offer pump repair and evaluation. Our fully-equipped shop, located in our Atlanta headquarters, provides rebuilding options, failure analysis, and solutions to increase mean time between failures. In today’s challenging environment, partnering with a trusted professional supplier will enable you to reduce maintenance costs and keep your facility operating efficiently.