Facility Compliance Management


Facility Compliance Management

UST Regulations are ever changing. We specialize in managing all aspects of UST compliance. State and Federal Regulations.

FCM Duties of Operation

• Schedule Testing
• Site Maintenance
• Tank Registration
• Annual Sump Inspection

• Notice Of Violation Resolution
• Facility State Inspection Representation
• Petroleum Contact Water Removal
• Electronic File Keeping


Spill Prevention Equipment – visually check for damage; remove liquid/debris; check for and remove obstructions in fill pipe; check fill cap to make sure it is securely on the fill pipe; for double walled spill prevention equipment with interstitial monitoring, check for a leak in the interstitial area.
Release Detection Equipment – check to make sure the release detection equipment is operating with no alarms or other unusual operating conditions present; and ensure records of release detection are reviewed and current.

Monthly Compliance: $125

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Facility Compliance Management can develop customized comprehensive compliance management program that is specific to your facility and it’s needs to meet all State and Federal Regulatory requirements.

Compliance Specialist:
Ruben Maestre



Office Support:
Gabriela Solache