How to Prevent Fuel and Gasoline from Going Bad?

How to Prevent Fuel and Gasoline from Going Bad?

Gone are the days when gas was cheap and free! Now with higher gas prices, it pays to take fuel care seriously. Gas is more precious than gold at this moment, yet do you take the proper steps? Fuel additives are the perfect solution. It’s an easy way to protect your investment for the long term, prolonging fuel life by up to two years.

When it comes to your vehicle, you need to protect your investment. Fuel has never been more precious than it is now. Unfortunately, there are many ways that gas can be ruined or simply thrown away.

We as the leading bulk fuel suppliers in Atlanta have listed the top 4 tips to prevent fuel and gasoline from going bad.

Purchase when Required

It’s pointless to purchase fuel if you’re not planning to utilize the entire tank. A full tank, on the other hand, helps to limit the quantity of water condensation in the tank, extending its lifespan.

Taking a full tank of petrol to the gas station is the ideal method to handle your trip to the gas station. Allow between a quarter and a half tanks of gas to run out before stopping. Furthermore, topping out the tank is not a good idea since the vapor recovery mechanism may be damaged.

Protect Gas Cap

To keep pollutants and water out of gasoline, your car’s gas cap is essential. You are leaving the gasoline system vulnerable if the gas cap is damaged or missing.

The Check Engine Light may also illuminate due to a faulty gas cap. Thankfully, a new gas cap only costs a few dollars and is a quick and easy replacement.

Only Visit Popular Stations

It may be easier to wait in lines at busy gas stations, but it also takes more time for how much you spend on gas. When you decide to go to these bigger chains when they get busy, it helps that there is a constant flow of customers.

The gas is fresh because of the extra turnover for the pump. If you use this strategy with off-peak hours, there are not as many customers and it still benefits from the freshest fuel without the long lines.

Use Fuel Stabilizer

If you intend to store your automobile, you should add a high-quality gasoline stabilizer to the tank. Such additives could also be beneficial if the gasoline is becoming stale.

Fill the gas tank and dump the contents on top to use a stabilizer. Before storing your car, drive it for around 10 minutes to ensure that it circulates through the system. You may extend the life of gasoline by up to a year if you use the correct stabilizers.

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Final Words

For storage of more than a year, it may be preferable to empty the car of all fuel and dry up the lines, however, this may result in additional concerns such as dried seals and the like. If you can run the engine once a year and refuel it with new gas and stabilizer, that will suffice.

When spring arrives, the engine should start up without a hitch. Or, at the very least, the same amount of effort as before storage.