Branding Oppurtunities

Why choose Premier Petroleum Inc, for your convenience store? When it comes to owning and operating your own convenience store, Premier Petroleum Inc, offers a wide range of options to get you started and to help you run your store as smoothly as possible. Check out some of the convenience store services we offer below: 


Branding your convenience store with a well-known company such as Shell can have major benefits. For one, it will be much easier for your store to gain instant recognition and the overall trust of customers whether they are local or just travelling through your area. Branding with well-established companies also allows your store to be part of nationwide promotions and campaigns in order to attract new customers. 

We brand with top companies Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Texaco, Citgo, and 76.  For more information on branding your convenience store and how to get started.


As mentioned above, we work with some of the nation’s top companies. Big perks come with these partners and can help you grow your store. If you choose to brand with 
Premier Petroleum Inc,, the companies we work with will help market your business using an expanse of corporate marketing resources. They also offer Loyalty Programs and Promotions that push consumers towards your business.  


In addition to Loyalty Programs and Promotions to attract customers to your store, many of the companies we work with also offer rebates. These incentive rebates often go directly to the convenience store owners. 


If you are out of a contract and do not wish to be branded, Premier Petroleum Inc, offers the lowest possible daily fuel price in your competitive market.  We offer the same quality products and customer service to all of our convenience store owners regardless of their branding status. 


Premier Petroleum Inc, also knows that convenience store owners need certain things to make their store run properly and to stay updated with the latest technology. Whether you are a branded or unbranded convenience store, we offer financing for POS systems, image upgrades, EMV Initiative, new fueling equipment, and lease property improvements. We offer financing for amounts up to over $250,000.


We understand the need for both long-term contracts and short-term contracts. 
Premier Petroleum Inc, offers branding, fuel supply, and consignment agreements with term ranges from load to load all the way up to 20 years depending on your needs.

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