Branding Opportunities

Premier Petroleum Inc,. is a multi-branded, multi-state petroleum jobber supplying customers with the best petroleum and c-store opportunities that the industry has to offer. We continue to impact the market with consistent quality offerings which drive more business to our retail outlets, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.
Are you currently out of contract with your current brand, or are you an unbranded site looking to offer a top brand? Do you need a boost in sales or customer satisfaction? We have some well-rounded offers which provide real options to help revitalize your station.
As a wholesale distributor, Premeir Petroleum Inc, is able to offer a variety of Premium brands and competitive pricing to our customers. With our years of relationship and trust with major brands such as Shell, Exxon, Chevron, Citgo, 76 and other unbranded fuel suppliers, we have a complete selection of offerings to provide you, the Dealer with quality products.

Please contact Vicki Sullivan at 904-226-7788